Brian S. Earthman M.D., P.A. -

Dr. Earthman was born and raised in Texas. He received his BA in Biology from The University of Texas in Austin, before completing his MD at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center. His residency training was conducted in Psychiatry through The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. He is also board certified in addiction medicine.  His experience includes treatment of inpatient and outpatient psychiatric patients as well as the treatment of various addictions.  Dr. Earthman employs a comprehensive treatment approach that includes medication, counseling, lifestyle changes, and Alpha Stim therapy.

"Mental Illness and addiction problems are real, serious, and potentially life threatening.  It takes a tremendous toll on the individual, the family, and our country. With recent brain imaging advances scientists now know where the brain is broken and not working properly.

Comprehensive treatment including medication, counseling, Alpha-Stim, proper nutrition, and exercise can reduce or eliminate most mental illness symptoms. By using multiple treatment approaches we can keep people well while minimizing the amount of medication necessary.

"Over 50% of people with mental illness never seek help.  We now have the knowledge and the tools to effectively eliminate your suffering.  Call us today to start your journey back to emotional health and well-being."

Dr. Brian Earthman, MD

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