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Diagnostic Services

Studying the living brain has become more advanced in recent years, allowing for more precise diagnoses for mental health disorders as well as improved therapeutic outcomes. At Earthman Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine, we are dedicated to using the most up-to-date, non-invasive tests to objectively evaluate patients on an individual basis.

In addition to a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and review of your medical history, psychiatrist Dr. Earthman utilizes objective, on-site, computer based neuropsychiatric testing to accurately diagnose mental health conditions.

Neuropsychiatric Testing

Neuropsychiatric testing assesses brain function including your ability to focus, remember, reason, and solve problems to determine the severity of conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, and mood disorders. It also establishes a baseline for future evaluations.

Neuropsychiatric testing allows your treatment plan to be developed based on your unique symptoms. Medication can be prescribed at the lowest effective dose. There are many kinds of neuropsychiatric tests. Most of the tests involve answering questions or performing tasks. For example, you may be shown a series of images, and then asked to draw what you saw from memory. Another test involves repeating a series of number or words. These tests are designed to challenge you, so do not be discouraged if they seem difficult.

Dr. Earthman offers this on-site neuropsychiatric testing through CNS Vital Signs right here in Cedar Park with results available on the same day.  The cognitive portion of the test is comprised of multiple evidence based tests including: verbal and visual memory, finger tapping, symbol digit coding, the Stroop Test, a test of shifting attention and the continuous performance test.  In addition to those test there are various self-assessment measures that are widely used in psychiatric research studies.

Our thorough diagnostic services allow psychiatrist Dr. Earthman to uncover unknown mental illnesses or confirm what you may have suspected for years. The sooner you schedule your comprehensive evaluation, the sooner true healing may begin.

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Earthman Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine

Earthman Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine

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Integrative Treatments

By utilizing a combination of lifestyle changes, traditional medicine, and state-of-the-art tools including Alpha-Stim, Dr. Earthman is able to comprehensively treat all types of mental illness and substance abuse.