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Hear from Earthman Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine patients in their own words:

"I have had depressed/suicidal feelings for over five years. I felt so hopeless. I finally followed a friend’s advice and sought professional help from Dr. Earthman. His staff is so pleasant and professional. Dr. Earthman listens, does not judge, and HELPS. For the first time in five years I feel happy. I had no idea there was still hope for happiness for me. It is a new beginning. I have been shouting it from the rooftops. So thankful I came to Dr. Earthman. With his patience and time I have found this new chance at life."

"Dr. Earthman has definitely helped me get better. He is thorough, and because of this two medications which I did not need were eliminated. Without a doubt I would recommend him to others. His staff exceeds expectation. They are friendly and efficient. Getting medications refilled between appointments has never been a problem."

"I would recommend Dr. Earthman to anyone that is going through difficult times. He has absolutely helped me get better. He has a great personality and greets me as a friend. I have been seeing him for approximately 4 years and plan to continue as long as needed. The office is very modern and comfortable. Dr. Earthman’s staff is very pleasant as well. Thanks Dr. Earthman for all you do."

"I have been with Dr. Earthman for over three years. He has helped me get better and become a more pleasant person to be with. He has helped me deal with my struggles in life. I would recommend Dr. Earthman to my friends and family members. His staff is attentive and pleasant and getting my medications refilled is not difficult."

Earthman Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine

Earthman Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine

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Integrative Treatments

By utilizing a combination of lifestyle changes, traditional medicine, and state-of-the-art tools including Alpha-Stim, Dr. Earthman is able to comprehensively treat all types of mental illness and substance abuse.